Public speaking

Public speaking is a thing i love to do. You will reguraly find me at conferences, events and meetups usually talking about mobile development. I’m also a licensed trainer for Xamarin University where i teach all about Xamarin development.

Presentation style

A huge amount of effort goes into all my talks and I continue to refine my approach over time, often writing about what resonates. The talks that I find the most fulfilling and receive the best feedback are those that blend education with entertainment; They must have substance, but they must also keep people engaged. I usually blend visual presentations with live demos and frequently involve the audience in activities, be that having them contribute feedback during the talk, connect to rogue wireless networks or join me on stage. My talks are very carefully prepared and rehearsed yet also remain as ad-libbed as possible; they must feel organic and natural, never stilted or forced.

Speaking at your event

Are you looking for a speaker? Feel free to contact me on Twitter or send an email to marc (at)