Binding lists with iOS and MvvmCross

In this part we will bind the list of monkeys created in my previous blogpost to a tableview for iOS. If you want to skip Android and want to use it only for iOS be sure to have the same core code that we wrote in the previous post. The source code is available here:


Binding lists with Android and MvvmCross

Recently i gave a Xamarin/MvvmCross training for one of our clients. During this training there was an assignment on which we would use MvxRecyclerView to display a list of items that we took from a webserver. There where however some issues, in this blogpost i would like to clear up on how to bind a list of items for Android an iOS.


Autocomplete for Xamarin iOS

Do you have a UITextField on which you want to add some autocomplete magic? Then you’re in luck, i’ve made an autocomplete UITextfield for Xamarin iOS.

The library is not an out of the box solution that looks perfectly on everything. It has some default behaviour which you can use to setup an autocomplete field really quick if that is what you want. But the nice thing about this library is that it is completely customizable.